Plan To Eat Well When Stopping By These Rio Rancho Restaurants

We’re not done yet checking out all the great places to eat in Rio Rancho. You want to avoid the usual, and you want to try new things, right? Well, something like that anyway. Like when I want a burger, I want a burger. And when it’s time for Italian food, well, lasagna can sound like a plan. Whatever your craving, maybe this list of restaurants found in Rio Rancho, New Mexico will help you out.

Tao’s Chinese Bistro is located off of Southern Boulevard, and people mention that there are daily lunch specials. Barbecue ribs and egg foo young are two of the menu highlights. One person calls this dining establishment a Rio Rancho secret. I’m not sure that it’s such a secret being a top-ranked restaurant. Yet anyone traveling might not know that, and so you might want to give Tao’s Chinese Bistro a try.

Heaven Dragon Restaurant is another top pick, and its location is 4300 Ridgecrest Drive SE. When is the last time you had some delicious pork fried rice? It used to be my favorite thing to order at a Chinese restaurant before I became a vegetarian. I didn’t stray too far, however, as now I like to order vegetable fried rice. This restaurant is said to be your best option when you’re on vacation and want to order take out.

Do you like bagels? Do you like bakeries? Do you like delis? Bagel Deli Bakery checks off all three boxes for you when you’re looking for a nice place to stop in Rio Rancho. Located off of Rio Rancho Drive, Bagel Deli Bakery serves up great sandwiches. Green chile stew is a menu highlight, too. You can enjoy breakfast or lunch at this local eatery.

O’Hare’s Grille & Pub is a cool place to stop for a meal in Rio Rancho, too. Prime rib, fish and chips, pot roast and patty melts are some of what’s served up there. This restaurant is found on Southern Boulevard, and the shepherd’s pie is a menu favorite, too. The food on the menu there is said to be Irish-Mexican fusion. I do believe that is a first for me, and that makes this restaurant a very nice place to try.

You’ve got some great picks here. No doubt you’re going to be eating well. Once it’s time for a pit stop in Rio Rancho and a bite to eat, pick a place out and give it a try. These are some restaurants that serve up delicious food.